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TAU Hosts Transformative Academic Staff Seminar with Professor Adeniyi T. Adetunji on Building a 21st Century University through Quality Examination

  • 12th Jun, 2024 12:54pm
  • News Update

June 12, 2024

Thomas Adewumi University Auditorium

Last week, Thomas Adewumi University held an enlightening and transformative seminar for its academic staff, focusing on "Building a 21st Century University through a Quality Examination." As the examination period approaches, the University organized this crucial workshop to orient and train its staff on best practices and innovative strategies to uphold the highest standards in academic assessments.

The seminar began with a warm welcome and introduction of staff by Dr. Muyiwa Oduwaiye. This was followed by an impressive citation of the speaker, Professor Adeniyi Temitope Adetunji, read by Mr. Oluwaseun Ajayi. Professor Adetunji's illustrious career spans significant roles including Vice-President for Academic Affairs at William R. Tolbert Baptist University in Virginia, Liberia, and various prestigious positions in both Nigerian and International academic institutions. His vast expertise in Quality Management, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management set the stage for an impactful seminar.

Professor Adeniyi Adetunji, a globally renowned expert, began his first presentation on "General Examination Protocols" by underscoring the University's mission and vision centered on "Excellence in Education." He emphasized the importance of a robust organizational structure to achieve excellence, aligning with TAU's commitment to academic standards and quality management frameworks. Highlighting the key components of this framework—academic standards, quality assurance, and quality enhancement—Professor Adetunji illustrated how these elements collectively lead to what he termed the "iQ" output.

He provided valuable advice on maintaining a strong presence in the examination hall, discussing the crucial protocols for admission and conduct during exams. His presentation seamlessly transitioned into the second topic, "My Role & Responsibility in the Examination Hall," where he detailed the roles of invigilators, chief invigilators, and students. Professor Adetunji elaborated on the preparation required for invigilators, and the importance of identity in the exam hall, and outlined specific duties before and during exams to ensure a smooth and fair examination process.

A highlight of the seminar was Professor Adetunji's emphasis on TAU's identity as a hub for creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving. He reinforced this by displaying two engaging videos that depicted various student reactions to examinations, providing a relatable and insightful perspective on the challenges and behaviors observed during exam periods.

In his third presentation on "Academic Fraud," Professor Adetunji addressed the pressing issue of academic misconduct. He explored the reasons behind student cheating, the general attitudes toward academic dishonesty, and the importance of maintaining academic integrity. He proposed effective strategies to reduce academic fraud, urging the staff to foster an environment of trust and ethical behavior.

The seminar concluded with a dynamic question and answer session, where staff members engaged with Professor Adetunji, seeking clarifications and further insights on the topics discussed. The interaction underscored the collective commitment to enhancing the quality of examinations at TAU and ensuring that the university remains a beacon of excellence in higher education.

This seminar not only equipped TAU's academic staff with the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct effective and fair examinations but also reinforced the university's dedication to building a 21st-century institution grounded in quality education and integrity.


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