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2022-2027 Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan 2022-2027

As part of the preparations to becoming a world-class institution, Thomas Adewumi University has developed a 5-year Strategic Plan to guide the Management through the process of achieving the vision and mission of the University.

The objectives are:

  1. To ensure the delivery of accessible, student-centred, world-class education in Science, Technology, Medicine and Innovations
  2. To attract goodwill and positive development to Kwara South
  3. To provide access to university education in Kwara State, the North Central Nigeria and Irepodun Local Government area through creative scholarship funds
  4. To promote entrepreneurship and skills building
  5. To support diversity and internationalisation through foreign staff and students’ recruitment and go into partnerships and collaborations for staff and students’ development through exchange
  6. To serve as an equal opportunity and a non-discriminatory university
  7. To support the efforts of the Founder in infrastructure development through external funding and programmes expansion
  8. To ensure the full accreditation of all academic programmes by May 2027
  9. To increase enrolment to 1500 undergraduate students by 2027
  10. To improve National and Global rankings:
  11. Rank as the best among the universities that were licensed in 2021
  12. Rank among the top 20 universities in Nigeria by 2027
  13. Rank among the top 100 universities in Africa by 2027
  14. To introduce additional programmes in Law, Technology Innovations, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Arts, Education, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Allied Health 
  15. To institutionalise university culture across the academic structure of the university.
  16. To promote the advancement of knowledge and practical application of social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological education through teaching and by research

Focal Areas for Thomas Adewumi University 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Research and Innovations
  3. Brand Identity, Visibility and Ranking
  4. Funding, Grants, and Capital Development
  5. Community Impact
  6. Skills Building and Entrepreneurship Development
  7. Collaboration and Linkages

While a summary of the Strategic Plan is available at this link, the full Strategic Plan can be downloaded from here

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