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  • Thomas Adewumi University Hosts 3rd Faculty Lecture Series on the Enigmatic Topic: "Is Water Water?"

Thomas Adewumi University Hosts 3rd Faculty Lecture Series on the Enigmatic Topic: "Is Water Water?"

  • 03rd May, 2024 4:10pm
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May 03, 2024

Thomas Adewumi University Auditorium

In a riveting display of intellectual prowess and communal engagement, Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) recently played host to the 3rd Faculty Lecture Series, orchestrated by the esteemed Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences. The event brought together a diverse array of individuals from the University community, including the Vice-Chancellor, Principal Officers, Management Team, Deans, Heads of Departments, staff, and students. This captivating congregation was united under the banner of exploration, and convened to dissect the enigmatic question: "Is Water Water?"

The guest lecturer for the day, Mr. Adeniyi Issac (MIPAN, MNIM) from the Department of Chemical Sciences, illuminated the stage with his profound insights and extensive expertise. With a background in Industrial Chemistry from the prestigious University of Ilorin, Mr. Adeniyi's journey traversed the realms of drug discovery in water extracts from medicinal plants to managerial roles in the packaged water industry. His illustrious career and technical acumen in water quality propelled him to the forefront of the discourse surrounding water's essence.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Farohunbi Samuel, the Coordinator of Human Capacity Development at the University and the organizer of the lecture series. Dr Farohunbi extended a warm welcome to all attendees, both physical and virtual. With the University on the cusp of its third anniversary, Dr. Farohunbi wove a narrative of growth and reflection, underscoring the significance of the occasion. "On the 16th of May, TAU will celebrate its third year," he proclaimed, "and today, we embark on our 3rd Faculty Lecture Series, and coincidentally the topic “Is Water Water?” has 3 Alpha-numeric data; H2o."

Following the welcome address, Mrs. Roseline Olaoye, a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Sciences, delivered a comprehensive citation of Mr. Adeniyi Issac, highlighting his illustrious career and contributions to the field of water quality management. Mr. Adeniyi then took the stage, captivating the audience with his presentation titled "Is Water Water?"

In his thought-provoking discourse, Mr. Adeeniyi delved into the fundamental properties and importance of water, urging attendees to prioritize the consumption of quality water in accordance with regulatory standards. He elucidated on the prerequisites of water quality, cautioning against the perils of chemical contaminants and microbial pathogens.

Moreover, he shed light on the alarming discrepancies in the packaged water industry, where not all water adheres to regulatory standards. He elucidated the sources of contamination, ranging from poor handling of packaging materials to unhygienic practices within production facilities.

As the presentation drew to a close, Mr. Adeniyi offered practical recommendations to ensure water safety, empowering attendees to become their quality control officers. He emphasized the imperative of consumer awareness and compliance with regulatory agencies' standards, encapsulating his message with the poignant directive: "Stay Safe, Drink Quality Water."

The presentation concluded with an engaging question and answer session, allowing attendees to further explore the nuances of the topic. In recognition of his insightful contribution, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo presented Mr. Adeniyi Issac with a certificate of honor, applauding his commitment to advancing knowledge and promoting water safety.

In summary, the 3rd Faculty Lecture Series at Thomas Adewumi University served as a beacon of academic excellence, fostering dialogue, and enlightenment on the vital subject of water quality and safety. As the University continues its journey of academic distinction, such initiatives reaffirm its commitment to scholarship and community engagement.


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