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  • Thomas Adewumi University Prepares Graduating Students for Career Success: Module III.

Thomas Adewumi University Prepares Graduating Students for Career Success: Module III.

  • 01st Mar, 2024 3:44pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria

March 01, 2024

In continuation of equipping its graduating class of 2024 with essential skills and insights for navigating the professional landscape, Thomas Adewumi University organized an enriching Career Programme. Led by the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, the programme delved into crucial aspects of career exploration and soft skills development during Module III of the lecture series.

Prof. Francisca commenced the session by emphasizing the significance of career exploration, highlighting it as a multifaceted process involving self-reflection, research, and practical experiences. She elucidated various steps students can undertake to explore diverse career possibilities, ranging from self-assessment, research industries and occupations, networking, internships and volunteering, skill development, career fairs and events, informational interviews, online assessment, entrepreneurship, global perspectives, and seeking guidance from career services. Additionally, she stressed the importance of remaining open-minded, proactive, and adaptable throughout the exploration journey.

Moreover, the Vice-Chancellor delineated four distinct career paths, encompassing knowledge-based roles, skill-centric professions, entrepreneurial ventures, and freelance opportunities. Emphasizing the skills to cultivate a career path, she underscored adaptability, communication, leadership, problem-solving, and time management as indispensable facets for career success.

Transitioning to the workforce, Prof. Francisca guided students on understanding workplace cultures, industry trends and insights, emotional intelligence in the workplace, teamwork, and collaboration. She advocated for proactive engagement in organizational career paths, suggesting avenues such as volunteering for special projects, taking an online course, earning a certification, and mentoring colleagues.

Throughout the session, effective communication skills and cross-cultural competencies were emphasized alongside time management and productivity mindsets. She emphasized the determination to succeed as a key attribute for thriving in the professional realm.

Concluding on the concept of working in a global environment, the Vice-Chancellor encouraged students to embrace diverse perspectives and capitalize on international opportunities. The session concluded with an interactive question-and-answer segment, allowing students to glean further insights and clarify queries.

The Career Programme at Thomas Adewumi University stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to nurturing holistic and career-ready graduates, poised to excel in an ever-evolving global landscape.

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