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Thomas Adewumi University Showcases Student Achievements in SIWES Presentations

  • 14th Dec, 2023 12:38pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria

December 14, 2023

In a vibrant display of academic excellence and practical experience, the Department of Mathematical and Computing Science at Thomas Adewumi University recently hosted the Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) presentations, featuring the remarkable work of 400 level Computer Science, 400 level Software Engineering, and 300 level Computer Science students. The event, held at the University's auditorium, provided a platform for students to share their real-world experiences and insights gained during their SIWES placements.

The 400-level Computer Science students, consisting of three exceptional individuals, showcased their prowess in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Over three months, these students immersed themselves in various industrial settings, gaining practical insights and honing their skills in the dynamic field of Computer Science. Their presentations covered a range of topics, from software development methodologies to network security challenges. The students demonstrated how their academic knowledge translated into tangible contributions within their respective placements.

The 400-level Software Engineering Cohort, also comprised of three dedicated students, shared their six-month journey of mastery in the field. The extended duration allowed these students to delve deeper into complex projects and collaborate closely with industry professionals. The presentations highlighted the students' ability to navigate the intricate world of Software Engineering, from project planning and execution to debugging and optimization. The judges, who were faculty members from the Department commended the Software Engineering students for their commitment and the practical solutions they brought to the table.

The 300-level Computer Science students, consisting of another trio, presented their findings from a condensed yet impactful three-month SIWES placement. Their presentations underscored adaptability and swift integration into professional environments, showcasing a blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on skills.

The SIWES presentations were judged by a panel of seasoned lecturers from the Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, they commended the students for their efforts and the quality of their reports, emphasizing the importance of the SIWES programme in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. They encouraged the students to continue to develop their skills and to apply the knowledge they had gained during their SIWES programme in their future careers. The event not only served as a testament to the academic rigor at Thomas Adewumi University but also highlighted the institution's commitment to producing industry-ready graduates.

The H.O.D of Computer Science; Mr. Omosola Olabode praised the students for their dedication and professionalism during their SIWES programme, adding that the programme provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the industry and to develop important skills needed in the workforce. "The SIWES programme is a critical part of our curriculum in TAU," said the HOD." It provides our students with hands-on experience in the industry and helps them to develop practical skills, which are essential in their future careers. We are proud of our students and their achievements, and we look forward to seeing them succeed in their future endeavors."

As the University continues to emphasize the importance of practical experience alongside academic knowledge, the SIWES presentations stand as a beacon of the strides made by students in the Computer Science and Software Engineering programmes. The event concluded with an optimistic outlook for the future as these students prepare to transition seamlessly from academia to the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.

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