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  • Thomas Adewumi University and Al-Hikmah University Announce Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership Agreement

Thomas Adewumi University and Al-Hikmah University Announce Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership Agreement

  • 12th Sep, 2023 2:54pm
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Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria - Thomas Adewumi University and Al-Hikmah University are pleased to announce the signing of a historic strategic partnership agreement, solidifying their commitment to collaborative excellence in higher education and research. This transformative partnership is set to redefine the boundaries of academia, opening new avenues for innovation, academic growth, and global impact.

The partnership agreement, signed on 8th September, 2023, represents a landmark achievement in the world of higher education, bringing together two world-class institutions renowned for their dedication to scholarship, research, and global leadership.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

Academic Collaboration: Thomas Adewumi University and Al-Hikmah University will embark on a series of joint academic initiatives, including faculty and student exchanges, collaborative research projects, and the development of interdisciplinary programs. This will enable the universities to harness their collective intellectual resources to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Global Research Hub: The partnership will establish a cutting-edge research hub that will facilitate collaboration on groundbreaking research projects across various fields, from science and technology to the humanities and social sciences. This hub will serve as a catalyst for innovation and knowledge dissemination on a global scale.

Student Mobility: Under the agreement, students from both universities will have enhanced opportunities to broaden their horizons through international exchanges, joint degree programs, and access to a broader network of academic resources, enabling them to become global citizens with a diverse and enriched educational experience.

Shared Resources: The partnership will provide access to each other's libraries, laboratories, and research facilities, allowing faculty and students to benefit from the rich and varied resources available at both institutions.

Cultural Exchange: The collaboration extends beyond academics, fostering cultural exchange through events, exhibitions, and activities that celebrate the diversity of both institutions and promote global understanding.

Commenting on the partnership, Professor Francisca Oladipo, Vice-Chancellor, Thomas Adewumi University, said, "This partnership marks a momentous step forward for both institutions and the global higher education community. By combining our strengths, we will advance the frontiers of knowledge and create opportunities for our students and faculty that were previously unimaginable."

Professor Noah Yusuf, Vice-Chancellor of Al-Hikmah, added, "Our shared commitment to academic excellence, research innovation, and global engagement makes this partnership truly extraordinary. Together, we will not only shape the future of education but also contribute meaningfully to addressing the world's most pressing challenges."

This strategic partnership aligns with the universities' shared vision to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators while addressing global challenges through the power of education, research, and collaboration.

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