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Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Omu- Aran Unit Command Pays Courtesy Visit to TAU

  • 20th Jul, 2023 3:57pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

July 20, 2023

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) RS 8.12 Omu-Aran Unit Command made a significant stride in fostering a cordial relationship with the academic community by paying a courtesy visit to Thomas Adewumi University. The visit, which took place at the University campus aimed to foster collaboration between the University and the FRSC to enhance road safety measures within the region.

On a warm and sunny morning, the FRSC delegation, led by the newly appointed Unit Commander, Chief Road Commander D.K Afolabi, arrived at the university premises to a warm reception from the University Management, and some members of Staff. The visit provided an opportunity for fruitful discussions on collaboration to reduce road traffic crashes and valuable ways in which assistance can be rendered. The meeting commences with an introduction of the members of the University community in attendance, and also the introduction of the FRSC team members under the leadership of the Chief Road Commander.

The Unit Commander, CRC D.K Afolabi appreciated the university management for the opportunity to engage with the academic institution on matters concerning road safety. He said “FRSC is the leading agency when it comes to road management in Nigeria” emphasizing the need for collective efforts in ensuring road safety within the region, soliciting support from the university community to have to accomplish the set-out plan for the community, and pledged to help the university anytime it is needed. During the courtesy visit, the FRSC team engaged in interactive sessions with the university community, shedding light on the importance of creating a cordial relationship and training the university’s drivers and some members of staff about road safety and precautions. The delegation emphasized the need for collective responsibility in curbing road accidents and fostering a safety-conscious culture among drivers and pedestrians. Addressing the gathering, the Unit commander expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and conveyed the FRSC's commitment to ensuring road safety in the region. He highlighted the agency's ongoing efforts to curb road accidents on the highway. 

In response, the University Management, led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, warmly welcomed the FRSC unit to the institution, and gave a brief introduction of the University stating “We are a young private University that turns our disadvantages into advantages and this made us a self-sustaining institution. Our focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Innovations”. She also stated some of the University's achievements in just 2 years & 2 months old highlighting TAU ranked 1st out of the universities licensed in 2021.  Prof. Francisca appreciated the unit's proactive approach to road safety and acknowledged the FRSC's pivotal role in enhancing road safety nationwide. She assured and pledged the university's full support to collaborate with the team to promote safe road practices among TAU’s members of staff and the local community.

Following the formal discussions, the FRSC team, accompanied by the University Principal officers and some staff members, embarked on a comprehensive tour of the university premises. The tour provided the FRSC officials with valuable insights into the university's infrastructure, road network, and areas where road safety improvements might be required. This firsthand experience enabled the FRSC to tailor their initiatives better to suit the unique needs of the university community. The courtesy visit and interactive session concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing optimism about the prospects of a fruitful collaboration. The visit catalyzed building a strong partnership between the FRSC and TAU, aimed at achieving the shared goal of creating safer roads and reducing road accidents.

The visit by the Federal Road Safety Corps RS 8.12 Omu-Aran Unit Command to Thomas Adewumi University not only marks a significant step towards enhancing road safety awareness but also highlights the importance of fostering relationships between educational institutions and law enforcement agencies to address societal challenges collectively. The event serves as a beacon of hope for a safer future on the roads, where accidents are minimized, and lives are safeguarded through responsible road use.



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