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  • TAU Vice-Chancellor Inspired Audience with "Building on a Proud Legacy" Speech at 3rd Matriculation Ceremony

TAU Vice-Chancellor Inspired Audience with "Building on a Proud Legacy" Speech at 3rd Matriculation Ceremony

  • 10th Jul, 2023 1:44pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

July 10, 2023

The 3rd Matriculation Ceremony witnessed an awe-inspiring speech by the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Professor Francisca Oladipo, titled "Building on a Proud Legacy". The address, delivered on Saturday, July 8th, 2023, captivated the audience of matriculating students, faculty members, distinguished guests, and proud parents gathered at the university's campus.

Professor Francisca began her speech by extending her heartfelt gratitude to everyone present at the event, starting from the Founder/Chancellor & the co-Founder, the Chairman and members of BOT, the Pro-Chancellor, Governing Council, Members of the Senate, Distinguished Vice-Chancellors of the sister universities, the Matriculation Guest Speaker, families and friends of the matriculating students, and the Royal Fathers in attendance. She acknowledged the significance of the matriculation ceremony as a pivotal moment in the lives of the new students, emphasizing the rich heritage and proud legacy of Thomas Adewumi University, a relatively young institution that has rapidly earned acclaim for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education. She said, “TAU is building on a Proud Legacy, and as a young Institution, we are currently changing the faces of teaching and learning by bringing limitless possibilities to aspiring students and their parents through affordable quality education”

The Vice-Chancellor passionately recounted the humble beginnings of TAU, licensed in 2021, with a vision to provide quality education and shape the minds of future leaders’ stating that “In a little over two years, we have risen to emerge as Nigeria’s fastest-growing learning ecosystem in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, and Innovations (STEM-i). According to the Special 20th Anniversary Edition of the January 2023 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, we were ranked the best among the 20 Universities established in 2021, 11th out of all the 148 private universities in Nigeria. Taking a huge leap from 173rd place last year, we now rank 61st in Nigeria and 4th out of the 9 Universities in Kwara State, outranked only by Unilorin, Kwasu, and LMU”.  She further highlighted the university's core values of integrity, discipline, and innovation, which have been deeply ingrained in its ethos.

According to the Professor of Computing, “TAU offers signature innovation degree programmes across six faculties namely; Arts and Humanities, Basic Medical and Health Sciences, Computing and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Law, Management and Social Sciences. Fostering a vibrant and inclusive academic community that celebrates diversity, the University also creates equal opportunities for everyone who works, studies or just visiting on our grounds to thrive. We are at the cutting-edge of providing world-class education through teaching and research, and positively impacting society thereby playing an important role in economic recovery and ensuring that the society is more resilient in the future”.

Professor Francisca congratulated the 171 matriculating students urging them to embrace the institution's legacy and contribute to its growth. She emphasized the importance of building upon the foundation laid by previous generations, emphasizing that their actions today would shape the future of Thomas Adewumi University and the wider society. The Vice-Chancellor further emphasized the transformative power of education, reminding the students that they were not mere beneficiaries of knowledge but also torchbearers of progress. She said “In this 21st Century University, we recognize the importance of embracing technology and digital advancements. As such, we will empower you to grow as digital citizens. Ensuring that you are well-versed in utilizing technology as a tool for learning, collaboration, entrepreneurial, and professional development”, encouraging them to develop a thirst for learning, to think critically, and to question the status quo in their pursuit of academic and personal growth. She also highlighted the university's partnership with Microsoft, Huawei, Google, Oracle, IBM, Github, Coursera, NOCN, RedHat, and a host of other world-class skills building organizations to set up skills academics for students training. “TAU is fortunate to have a dedicated Founder leading the way, supported by an equally devoted co-Founder, and a supportive Board of Trustees and Governing council", she said.

Highlighting the vast opportunities and challenges awaiting the students in a rapidly changing world, the Vice-Chancellor called upon them to harness their talents, skills, and knowledge to become agents of positive change. She stressed the need for innovation, adaptability, and a global mindset, as the students would be competing in a dynamic and interconnected society. As she concluded her speech, Professor Francisca expressed her unwavering belief in the potential of matriculating students to make significant contributions to their respective fields and to society at large. She assured them of the university's commitment to providing an enabling environment, nurturing their talents, and supporting their aspirations.

Professor Francisca appreciated all parents and guardians of the Matriculants for the memorable occasion of their ward, requesting their utmost cooperation and active participation in providing proper guidance and support to their wards. “It is through a strong partnership between parents, guardians, and the university that we can empower our students to reach their full potential both academically and morally “. Alongside, she introduced the newly approved courses of the University by NUC and announced the commencement of the programmes by the next Academic session. However, she solicited partnership and supports in the forms of endowments, gifts, linkages, grants, joint projects, joint ventures, and so on. Also, partnership in increasing students’ enrolment at the Institution with discounts on fees for members of the community.

The Vice-Chancellor's address received resounding applause from the audience, and the students were visibly inspired by her words. The speech served as a catalyst for their determination to embark on their academic journey with purpose and to carry forward the legacy of TAU. The 3rd Matriculation Ceremony was a testament to the institution's dedication to producing well-rounded graduates, instilling values, and fostering a culture of excellence. With the Vice-Chancellor's remarkable speech setting the tone for the event, the students were imbued with a profound sense of responsibility to build on the proud legacy of Thomas Adewumi University and contribute meaningfully to society. As the ceremony concluded, the new students eagerly embarked on their educational voyage at TAU, armed with the guidance, inspiration, and conviction instilled in them by Professor Francisca’s exceptional speech. They pledged to make the most of the opportunities presented to them, and their determination to succeed resonated throughout the campus, promising a future filled with accomplishments and positive transformation.

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