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TAU Freshmen Participates in Tree Planting Exercise as Part of Matriculation Week Programme

  • 06th Jul, 2023 2:58pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

July 06, 2023

Thomas Adewumi University, known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and community development, incorporated a unique initiative into its Matriculation Week programme. As a first step in individual Freshmen Community Development Certification, incoming students took part in a tree planting exercise for each planting one economical tree on the University Farmland.

For this Year's Matriculation programme, the university administration decided to include an eco-conscious activity to promote environmental awareness and instill a sense of responsibility among the freshmen. During the tree planting exercise, the university provided each matriculating student with a sampling of economically valuable tree species (Tik, Mahogany, and Malina trees), carefully selected to thrive in the local climate and contribute to the ecological balance of the region. The students, alongside the Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Francisca Oladipo), Dean of Students’ Care Services (Dr. M.O Oduwaiye), and some members of staff gathered at the school farm to carry out the significant exercise.

The event began with an opening address by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, who emphasized the importance of environmental sustainability and community engagement. She highlighted the significance of this initiative in nurturing a sense of belonging and responsibility among the students from the outset of their academic journey. She stated that “planting the tree serves as a commemoration of matriculation, and by the time of graduation, the tree would have grown and matured. Consequently, it is crucial for the students to care for the tree in order to prevent it from perishing.” Professor Francisca also said “Today is quite significant as we flag off the establishment of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science in TAU”. Moreover, she explained that “We are blessed by a lot of natural resources, one of which is a very fertile land to plant as God commanded in the book of Genesis". 

The Professor of Computer Science concluded her speech by saying “We have carefully chosen the species of trees planted such that, at the point of the students’ convocation in the coming years, the tree would have matured likewise the students. At that time, the students will come back to the farm to identify the trees planted today". She also advised the students to make sure their tree does not die; they have to nurture the tree till they are convocated from TAU.

The students, with the sapling of the tree in their hands, are carefully guided by experienced environmentalists and enthusiastically took part in the tree planting process. They learned about the proper techniques for planting, nurturing, and maintaining trees to ensure their healthy growth. The exercise also provided an opportunity for the students to interact with one another and forge bonds as they worked towards a common goal. Dr. M.O Oduwaiye, the Dean of Student Care Services, expressed his delight in the students' active involvement, stating, "This tree planting activity serves as a reminder to our matriculating students that their journey at Thomas Adewumi University extends beyond academics. By planting trees, they are contributing to the preservation of our environment, creating a positive impact on the community, and leaving a legacy for future generations."

Thomas Adewumi University's commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond the campus boundaries. The university actively promotes environmental awareness and undertakes various community development projects in collaboration with local organizations and government bodies. With the successful completion of the tree planting drive as part of the Matriculation Week programme, TAU has taken a significant stride towards creating a more environmentally conscious and engaged student body. By encouraging freshmen to participate in activities that contribute to community development, the university is fostering a culture of service, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility from the very beginning of their academic journey.  As the newly planted trees take root and flourish, their presence will serve as a living testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the matriculating students at Thomas Adewumi University. Together, they have set a remarkable example of collective action, reminding us all of the power of education and the importance of investing in a sustainable future for the benefit of the entire community.

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