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  • The Vice-Chancellor Delivered an Inspiring Welcome Address at IndabaX Nigeria 2023 Conference

The Vice-Chancellor Delivered an Inspiring Welcome Address at IndabaX Nigeria 2023 Conference

  • 13th Jun, 2023 12:58pm
  • News Update

The Deep Learning IndabaX Nigeria 2023 Conference commenced with a captivating welcome address by the esteemed Chief Host and Chairperson LOC IndabaX Nigeria, Prof. Francisca Oladipo as she welcomed everyone to the 4th IndabaX Nigeria 2023 conference. The event, held at the School Auditorium, gathered students, Academias, Researchers, Developers, Start-ups and Industry Professionals. “The Term Indaba comes from the native Zulu language in South Africa which means gathering or meeting, IndabaX is the in- country version of the Deep Learning Indaba which is the annual gathering of the African Artificial Intelligence Community, it consists of the different event of teaching, practical session and debate on the principles and practices of Modern Artificial Intelligence. As a grass-root initiative the aim of the Indaba is to democratize access to Knowledge and Resources in the field of Artificial Intelligence to enable individuals and communities to learn, grow and contribute to the advancement of the field”. She said. 

Addressing the audience, the Vice-Chancellor expressed her pleasure in hosting the 4TH IndabaX Nigeria Conference at Thomas Adewumi University, not just as a young University but as the first Private University to host the event in Nigeria. Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly revolutionized the world we live in today, it has permeated every aspect of our lives from the way we communicate and conduct businesses to the advancement in health-care, transportation and beyond this conference serve as testament to the rapid pace at which AI is evolving and transforming our world.

Prof. Francisca emphasized the power of collaboration and highlighted the need for stakeholders from Academia, Industry, and Government to work together towards a common vision. She said, “This year’s conference will go beyond mere Academic pursuit, it will bridge the gap between theory and practice by emphasizing the real-world application of AI that addresses our peculiarities as a country” she therefore encouraged the attendees to actively participate in the discussions, engage with fellow attendees and leverage this platform to forge new collaborations and generally enjoy the conference.

She stated that during the event, the Keynote Speaker and one of Africa’s Finest Professor, Prof. Abejide Ade-Ibijola from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa will receive the Africa Impact Award for preparing the future of our continent for the Artificial Intelligence Innovation through young Africa’s across 11 African countries and 38 Higher institutions including Thomas Adewumi University having 5mentees from our Institution. Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor expressed her gratitude on behalf of the entire TAU community to the Sponsors of the event:  Deep Learning Indaba, Data Science Nigeria, Zenith Bank, De Crown West Africa Limited, Construction Product Limited, Google Research, GBG Analystics, ZA Tech  and the Organizing committee for their dedication and commitment for ensuring the seamless event.

The Vice-Chancellor also appreciated the Vice-Chancellors of the KU8 under the leadership of the chairman Prof. Wahab Egbewole SAN and the Vice-Chancellors present, Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji, Ahman Patigi University, Prof. Charity Aremu, Landmark University and Prof. Musa Aibinu, who was humbly represented by Mrs. Afolabi Yusuf  Ganiyat  Summit University for their presence and support and she extended her warmest welcome to all our International guest present online and at the event “ Your presence at this event reinforces the global the nature of Artificial Intelligence and its ability to transcend  borders together let us embrace diversity, celebrate innovation and together try to make the world a better place through responsible and responsive Artificial Intelligence” she said.

As the Vice Chancellor's welcome address concluded, the audience was inspired by her passionate call to action. The stage was set for an event that promises to foster collaboration, ignite innovation, and create a transformative impact in Nigeria's technological landscape. With the Chief Host leading the way, IndabaX Nigeria 2023 began on a note of enthusiasm, optimism, and a shared commitment to driving Nigeria's progress through innovation and education

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