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Thomas Adewumi University Hosts Inspiring May Edition of TAU KnowledgeX Series

  • 31st May, 2024 1:34pm
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May 30, 2024

Thomas Adewumi University Virtual Lab

In a dynamic display of intellectual engagement and professional development, Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) recently hosted the May edition of the TAU KnowledgeX Series, an event designed to foster knowledge sharing and collaborative learning among its academic staff. This month's theme, "Growing with Your University as a Team Player," brought together the academic staff for an enriching session facilitated by the esteemed Prof. Adeniyi T. Adetunji from the Department of Business Administration.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Dr. Farohunbi Samuel, Coordinator of Human Capacity Development. Dr. Farohunbi emphasized that the TAU KnowledgeX platform is designed to foster knowledge sharing and enhance the synergy between the University and the wider community. "This event is a testament to our commitment to collaborative learning and interaction," he noted, setting an enthusiastic tone for the proceedings.

Following the opening remarks, Mr. Olajide Omojarabi read the citation for the facilitator, Prof. Adeniyi T. Adetunji. An internationally renowned researcher, Prof. Adetunji's expertise spans Management, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management, with a robust background in both qualitative and quantitative research. His impressive credentials include a Ph.D. in Quality Management, PGcert in Developing Professional Practice in Higher Education, and an M.Sc. in International Management from the United Kingdom. His prolific career spans over 15 years, marked by significant roles as a lecturer, researcher, business consultant, and professional trainer.

Prof. Adetunji began his presentation by engaging the audience in an interactive puzzle activity, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. This hands-on exercise set the tone for a session characterized by active participation and dynamic learning. He posed thought-provoking questions to the attendees, such as, "Is your institution growing?", "What is growth about?", and "Are you part of the growing stages?" These questions served to stimulate reflection and discussion on the personal and collective roles in the University's development.

Delving deeper into his presentation, Prof. Adetunji explored themes of change, time, destination, job, and position. He underscored the inevitability of change and the importance of adapting to it. "Change is an inevitable part of life. It happens whether we're ready or not," he stated, urging the audience to embrace change as a pathway to success. A short video clip further illustrated these concepts, reinforcing the message through visual storytelling.

One of the key highlights of Prof. Adetunji's presentation was his vision for transforming the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of education at TAU. He advocated for a shift in mindset where lecturers should think like entrepreneurs, emphasizing that future educational needs will require diverse and innovative teaching methodologies. "Today's world centers on standardization, but the future will center on reformation, where 100 students will use 120 ways to learn," he remarked.

Prof. Adetunji also addressed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the job market, reassuring attendees that while AI will replace many jobs, it cannot replace the unique capabilities of the human brain. He highlighted the importance of creativity, independent thinking, and emotional intelligence, traits that distinguish humans from machines. "AI is pre-programmed information without feelings, but the human brain can process information and consider environmental factors," he explained.

Concluding his presentation, Prof. Adetunji inspired the audience to be creative, constructive, interactive, innovative, and independent thinkers, and to have a good heart. The session wrapped up with a lively question and answer segment, allowing participants to delve deeper into the topics discussed and apply them to their professional contexts.

The May Edition of the TAU KnowledgeX Series was a resounding success, leaving attendees motivated and equipped with valuable insights to contribute to the University's growth as a cohesive and dynamic team. As Thomas Adewumi University continues to foster such enriching experiences, it solidifies its commitment to excellence and innovation in higher education.

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