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Thomas Adewumi University Empowers Academic Staff with Hands-on Technical Training

  • 05th Oct, 2023 9:47am
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

October 05, 2023

In a proactive move to enhance the efficiency of its academic operations and bolster the digital capabilities of its teaching staff, Mr. Damilare Oladipo, the Director of ICT, organized a comprehensive hands-on technical training session for academic staff members yesterday. Thomas Adewumi University, known for its commitment to innovation and technological advancement in education, recently rolled out a state-of-the-art school portal. This new portal promises to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and provide an improved digital experience for both academic staff and students.

The training, attended by Heads of Departments (HODs), Level Advisers, Sub-Deans, Deans, and various academic staff (lecturers), aimed to familiarize participants with the university's digital infrastructure. Specifically, the training focused on enabling staff to proficiently access and navigate the university's portal, manage student profiles and records, submit and track grades, communicate effectively with students, and access result implementation functionalities. Participants learned how to navigate the portal efficiently, accessing its critical features.

Mr. Dare Oladipo, who spearheaded the training, stressed the importance of equipping academic staff with the necessary technical skills to streamline academic processes and enhance the overall learning experience, including course registration, for students. He highlighted the significance of a well-integrated digital system in modern educational institutions, emphasizing that it not only eases administrative burdens but also ensures transparency and accountability in the academic grading and assessment system.

The training was structured as a hands-on workshop, allowing participants to gain practical experience in using the university's portal. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Francisca Oladipo, commended Mr. Dare's efforts in organizing such a valuable training program. Prof. Francisca stated that this hands-on technical training aligns with the university's mission to provide a world-class education and affirmed the university's commitment to embracing technology to enhance the learning experience. The goal is to ensure that all staff are comfortable using the portal to its fullest potential, enabling them to work more efficiently and provide better support to TAU students.

As the participants left the training session, they were equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to harness the full potential of the portal, making academic processes more efficient and transparent. Thomas Adewumi University's dedication to staff development and its forward-looking approach to technology continue to position it as a leader in the Nigerian higher education landscape. While the event took place yesterday, the impact of the hands-on technical training on the academic staff's proficiency in navigating the new school portal is expected to resonate throughout the academic year, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience at Thomas Adewumi University.

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