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Debriefing Exercise for the Proposed Faculty of Engineering

  • 27th Jun, 2023 4:29pm
  • News Update

June 26, 2023

The NUC Resource Verification team has concluded their assessment of the proposed Faculty of Engineering and provided their closing remarks, corrections, and recommendations. The NUC's thorough evaluation aimed to ensure that the university meets the necessary standards for offering engineering programs.

Led by Dr. Victoria Pillah, the team carefully examined the infrastructure, faculty qualifications, curriculum design, laboratory facilities, library resources, workshop, and other essential components required for robust Engineering education. Their comprehensive assessment is crucial in determining the readiness and compliance of the proposed faculty with NUC guidelines. The closing meeting held at the Senate Chambers witnessed the presence of the University’s management committee, Principal Officers, Deans of Faculties, H.O. Ds of the Proposed Faculty of Engineering, and our esteemed Chancellor who joined virtually. In their closing remarks, Dr. Victoria expressed their appreciation for the warm reception, general hospitality, and cooperation received from TAU during the assessment process, and also appreciated the Chancellor for joining them virtually.  She acknowledged the university's commitment to quality education and the significant investments made to establish the proposed Faculty of Engineering.

The team then proceeded to present their observations and recommendations, highlighting both positive aspects and areas that require correction. They commended the university for the well-equipped laboratories, adequate library resources, and the commitment demonstrated by the faculty members. The team was impressed by the university's curriculum design, which aligned with the evolving needs of the engineering industry. However, they also identify several areas that require attention and improvement. These include the need for additional faculty members with higher qualifications, certain modifications to the laboratory facilities to meet specific engineering discipline requirements, and suggestions for curriculum enhancements to ensure alignment with industry trends and global standards. She further emphasized that the corrections and recommendations presented are meant to assist TAU in further strengthening the proposed Faculty of Engineering, not as obstacles or shortcomings. The NUC team intends to contribute to the development of a world-class Engineering education program at TAU.

In response, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo expressed gratitude for the comprehensive assessment and the valuable feedback provided by the NUC Resource Verification Team. She assured the team and the university community that the recommendations and corrections would be promptly addressed. She concluded by appreciating the team for coming to a place of nowhere. The Pro-Chancellor in his remarks thanked the NUC for giving him the good news to deliver to the board of Trustees and council "We appreciate the NUC team's meticulous evaluation and constructive recommendations. We are committed to implementing the necessary corrections and enhancements to ensure that our proposed Faculty of Engineering excels in all aspects," said the Pro-Chancellor.

The Chancellor, Engr. Dr. J.B.O Adewumi appreciated and recognized the team for coming to add value to the verification exercise. He said, “I could have started the university with engineering because engineering is so dear to my heart, and Thomas Adewumi University is a legacy to protect and I hope this exercise will birth a new partnership where young Nigerians will be trained to build a lasting legacy . He also appreciated the entire university community that support and contribute to the success of the exercise. Following his remarks, the Dean of the proposed faculty of Engineering rounded up the meeting by appreciating all members of staff for their support and also acknowledged the endless efforts of the Vice-Chancellor and her management team most especially the Director of Academic Planning and also the H.O. Ds of the proposed faculty of Engineering. He concluded by praying for the team granting them a safe trip back to their destination. Following the closing remarks, the team lead, Dr. Victoria Pillah presented a letter of resource verification and her books to the Vice-Chancellor.

TAU's management affirmed their dedication to recruiting highly qualified faculty members, making the required adjustments to the laboratory facilities, and incorporating the suggested curriculum enhancements. The university aims to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, innovation and produces graduates who are well-prepared to meet the demands of the engineering industry. The NUC Resource Verification Team's closing remarks and comprehensive assessment mark a significant milestone in the journey toward obtaining full accreditation for the proposed Faculty of Engineering. Thomas Adewumi University remains committed to its mission of providing world-class education and looks forward to the implementation of the corrections and recommendations provided by the NUC. The university aims to establish a Faculty of Engineering that not only meets national standards but also prepares graduates who can compete on a global scale.








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