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KU8 Vice-Chancellors Goodwill messages at IndabaX Nigeria 2023

  • 14th Jun, 2023 3:20pm
  • News Update

The first day of IndabaX Nigeria 2023 witnessed the presence of some distinguished KU8 consortium Vice-Chancellors (Landmark University, Summit University, Ahman Pategi University, and the University of Ilorin who joined virtually). These academic leaders extended their goodwill messages at the conference, emphasizing their commitment to fostering Innovation, Technology, and Educational excellence.

  1. Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji – Vice-Chancellor, Ahman Pategi University.

Prof. Mahfouz, on behalf of the entire Ahman Pategi University congratulates the Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Francisca Oladipo) On the hosting of the 4th IndabaX Nigeria 2023. He emphasized the theme of the conference” Human centric AI for a Digital Nigeria” provided an opportunity for Scholars, Professionals and Researchers to interrogate the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that AI possess for Nigeria as a microspore of Africa. This conference will go a long way in Deeping insight and incubate ideas and programmes for the progress of our great Nation.  He further stated that “It is remarkable that the young and vibrant Thomas Adewumi University under its amiable Vice-Chancellor as emerge within a short time of two years as one of the outstanding Universities in Nigeria. It is all as a result of the vision of the Chancellor and the hardworking and diligent of our Industrious Vice-Chancellor within a short period of leading the University, she has left and incredible feed point within the time, and that has led the university to national plane and international reckoning”.

 Therefore, He congratulates the University, Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Management team, staff and students of TAU for working together as a team towards positioning the Universities for greatness. He said he believe that “the Sky is just the beginning as Thomas Adewumi University will not rest on it loudest. We at Ahman University remain ever proud of our association with our Sister University; TAU. They hope to continue to break new grounds and thrives new opportunities in using higher education to advance human development. In conclusion, He congratulated the Vice-Chancellor once again, the distinguish participants, the entire University community, the esteemed keynote speaker, Prof. Abejide Ade-Ibijola and wish all participants successful and a memorable conference proceeding.  

  1. Prof. Charity Aremu - Vice Chancellor, Landmark University

Prof. Charity delivered a goodwill message on behalf of Landmark University; she started by appreciating the Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Francisca Oladipo) for driving quality education in Omu- Aran and by extension globally. She also appreciated the great work of the Chancellor (Dr. J.BO. Adewumi) and our ever-forward-looking young Vice-Chancellor for making TAU a digitalized University. She appreciates everyone that accepts and embrace Innovation because that is the only way forward in all areas of life emphasized the significance of Academic research and innovation in driving national development which deals with Intellectual learning and critical thinking. She highlighted Academic innovation is critical in the world today, it fosters Intellectual learning and espouses an Individual to make progress and thereby, promote critical thinking. “You can not innovate without critical thinking”. 

Prof. Charity also stressed the 3 key words one needs to drive into the 24th century; “Critical thinking, Problem solving and the impact you make carrying out the two. You must engage before you can innovate”. She further stated the relationship between digitalization and Innovation, and explain the brief meaning of the theme as “Artificial Intelligence must be human centered”. We must embrace digitalization as human. The world today is revolving around deep learning machine learning. She also shared things we need as humans for Innovation; Vision, being teachable.  She ended by saying “Creativity comes with Innovation and Innovation comes with you thinking news things, way and ideas".

  1. Prof. Wahab Egbewole SAN – Chairman KU8 and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin.

 Prof. Wahab delivered his goodwill message titled “Impactful Research”. He welcomed the guests, colleagues and participants to the 4th IndabaX conference. “It is indeed a great pleasure to be part of the event that is designed to ensure a different perspective is giving to the workings and appreciation of the Artificial Intelligence in our society. As the Chairman of the consultum of Universities in Kwara State (KU8), I am delighted and proud that Thomas Adewumi University- one of the KU8 is the host of this conference and part of the efforts to promote this great innovation in the knowledge Industries” he said. He congratulates the leadership of the university for leveraging technology to make this happen. And He further talked about the Conference and its objectives in strengthen the machine learning community and to this end he is excited with the render less efforts of the Organizers to extend the conversation of AI for the conferences.

Prof. Wahab appreciated all participants for taking the time to attend and contribute to the event. He said” this conference present and excellent opportunity of Scholars, Researchers, and Practitioners from different part of the world to come together and share their knowledges and experiences on critical issues facing our society. He talked about the theme of the Conference relating to Human centric.  AI should not be seen as a threat to our jobs and way of life but rather as a tool that can be used to enhance our capabilities and improve our society. He also stated his expectations at the end of the Conference. “I wish you all a productive and enjoyable conference, lets all work together to create a better world through Innovation, research and collaboration. He concluded.

4. Prof. Abiodun Musa Aibinu - Vice Chancellor, Summit University

Prof. Abiodun Musa was humbly represented by Mrs Afolabi Ganiyat, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Summit University Offa.  She said started by saying the University have keyed into Artificial Intelligence and Female centered Learning. On behalf of the Management, Staff and Students and the consultum of the KU8 including TAU-the host University, The Vice-Chancellor extends his greetings to all participants and stakeholders of the IndabaX Nigeria conference 2023. She commended the African machine learning community for their tireless efforts in fostering the growth and development of AI and deep learning across our continent. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to TAU for graciously hosting the conference and particularly acknowledge the exceptional support and dedication of the host Vice-Chancellor, whose commitment to advancing AI in Nigeria is truly commendable, and equally recognized the invaluable contributions of mentors, steering committee and local organizing committee; their collective endeavors have resulted in a successful event.

She however, humbly requested for their continual support as they plan to host the next IndabaX Nigeria conference 2024 in their campus, Summit University, Offa. Undoubtedly, the IndabaX conference has become a pivotal platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and scientific advancement in the field of AI.  He explained the significances of the event in driving technological innovation and empowering African communities. In conclusion, she listed out the University’s achievement in terms of Innovation and Technology As they eagerly anticipate the pleasure of hosting the IndabaX Nigeria conference 2024. “As we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration, Innovation and inclusivity. Together, we can unleash the transformative power of AI and propel Africa to new heights of technological excellence” she concluded.

The goodwill messages from the Vice- Chancellors at IndabaxNigeria 2023 demonstrated their unwavering support for Innovation, and educational excellence. Their commitment to equipping students with relevant skills, promoting research and collaboration, and embracing inclusivity emphasized their dedication to driving Nigeria's technological advancement and socio-economic development.

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