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  • Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Students learn Production and Operation Management at a visit to TAU Water factory
faculty-of-management-and-social-sciences-students-learn-production-and-operation-management-at-a-visit-to-tau-water factory

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Students learn Production and Operation Management at a visit to TAU Water factory

  • 02nd Jun, 2023 7:11am
  • News Update

A group of Accounting, Business Administration and Economics students went on an educational tour to TAU water factory on 1st June 2023, in an effort to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical industry knowledge, as part of the course requirements for Production & Operation Management (BUS 218 and BUS 310), the visit was intended to give the 200 and 300 level students an extensive understanding of the production processes involved in the manufacture of both Sachet and Bottled water.

Accompanied by Dr. James Ishola, Dean, Faculty of Management & Social Sciences and their lecturers, Mr. Adeyemi Emmanuel and Mr. Afolayan Anthony. The students arrived at the factory, and welcomed by the factory manager, Miss Temitope. The students were guided through the various steps of producing bottle water as the visit got underway with an introduction to the Sachet and Bottle water production facility. They saw how raw water is obtained from natural sources and put through stringent purification procedures during the water treatment process. She further explained the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and adhering to safety regulations throughout the production line.

Furthermore, the students visited different segments in the factory; The changing room, Laboratory room, Store, and the Packaging area, where they witnessed the state-of-the-art machinery responsible for filling, sealing, and packaging the water. They learned about the meticulous quality control measures implemented to ensure that every sachet meets the required standards before being dispatched to the market.  The significance of maintaining a controlled environment to ensure the water's purity, taste, and safety was explained by Miss Temitope. This firsthand exposure enabled the students to appreciate the efficiency and precision required in large-scale manufacturing operations.

Throughout the visit, the students actively engaged with the factory manager, asking questions, and seeking clarifications on various aspects of the production processes. The students left the water factory with a deeper understanding of production and operation management in the water industry relating to their course. Many expressed their excitement at the prospect of applying the knowledge gained during the visit to their future careers in various sectors. As the visit concluded, the students thanked the manager for providing insightful information on how bottled and sachet water are produced. They left the building with useful information that will certainly improve their academic goals and career aspirations.

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