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Thomas Adewumi University NACOS Hosts Inaugural Workshop to Bridge Classroom Learning and Real-World Applications

  • 07th Jun, 2024 2:22pm
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June 07, 2024

Thomas Adewumi University Auditorium

In a significant step towards integrating academic knowledge with practical skills, the National Association of Computing Students (NACOS) at Thomas Adewumi University held its maiden workshop titled "Bridging the Gap Between Class Theories and Real-World Practical as Computing Students." The event brought together the entire department of Mathematical and Computing Science students, including the Head of Department (HOD), lecturers, faculty members, and the Dean of the faculty, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment.

The workshop commenced with opening remarks from Kolapo Dorcas, President of NACOS, TAU Chapter. In her address, she expressed her pleasure and responsibility in welcoming everyone to the highly anticipated event, emphasizing the workshop's role in fostering innovation, enhancing technical skills, and building a community of forward-thinking individuals passionate about Computer Science. She extended heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished speakers and experts, acknowledging their commitment to nurturing the next generation of computer scientists.

Dorcas encouraged participants to engage actively, ask questions, network, and challenge themselves throughout the workshop. Her inspiring speech set a positive tone for the event, highlighting the importance of bridging the gap between academic studies and real-world applications.

Following the President's remarks, the HOD, Mr. Omosola Olabode, congratulated the NACOS executive for organizing the maiden workshop. He urged students to seize the opportunity to participate actively in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The workshop featured a series of interactive sessions, beginning with the first Hackathon led by the Association's Software Director, Damilare Adeyemi. Participants engaged in HTML and CSS coding challenges, judged by Mr. Olukayode Aiyepeku, Mr. Damilare Oladipo, and Mr. Timothy Taiwo. The session provided hands-on experience, enhancing the participants' coding skills.

The first workshop lecture, delivered by Mr. Damilare Oladipo, focused on the theme "Bridging the Gap Between Classroom Learning and Real-World Applications for Computing Students." He explored ways for students to connect their academic studies with practical, real-world applications, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that the skills and knowledge acquired are relevant and applicable to real-world challenges. Mr Damilare highlighted the benefits of bridging the gap, including enhanced understanding, increased employability, and promotion of innovation. He also discussed the challenges organizations face, such as aligning incentives, fostering communication, and overcoming cultural differences. His presentation offered strategies for bridging the gap, such as curriculum enhancement, practical assignments, internships, and industry partnerships.

The second Hackathon session focused on Algorithm Coding, providing further practical experience for the participants. Mr. Olajide Omojarabi delivered the second workshop lecture, addressing the theme "Bridging the Gap Between Class Theories and Real-World Practicals as Computing Students." He quoted Albert Einstein, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think," emphasizing the importance of learning how to learn and apply knowledge. Mr Olajide discussed the role of theory in providing a foundation for practical information, encouraging critical thinking, and avoiding the pitfalls of mistaking novelty for innovation. He concluded with the idea that knowing is not enough; application is essential.

The workshop concluded with the third Hackathon session on Debugging, where participants corrected errors in code. Interludes between sessions included a Kahoot game, with winners receiving awards. Hackathon winners were also awarded, recognizing their coding skills and problem-solving abilities.

The Inaugural workshop of Thomas Adewumi University NACOS was a resounding success, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications. The event provided invaluable insights, practical experience, and opportunities for networking, empowering the next generation of computing professionals to thrive in their careers.

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