Dr. Rotimi Folaranmi. Ph.D

Dr. Rotimi Oluwasegun FOLARANMI. Ph.D

M.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D.)
Chief Examination Office

M.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D.)
Chief Examination Office
[email protected]
Phone N0: 08032474987 08082567422 

i. Kwara State College of Tech. Ilorin 1980 – 1982
ii. Kwara State College of Tech. Ilorin 1982 – 1985
iii. University of Ilorin, Ilorin. 1990 -1993
iv. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, 1994 – 1995
v. University of Nigeria, Nsukka 2000 - 2003
vi. National Open University, Abuja 2014
vii. Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso 2006 - 2015
1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Mgt. Science. April, 2015
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Education. (PGDE) December, 2014
3. Master of Science (M.Sc) Marketing (Public Relations) July, 2005
4. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations. (PGDPR) April,1996
5. Master of Business administration (MBA) April, 1993
6. Higher National Diploma (HND) Upper Credit June, 1985
7. Ordinary National Diploma (OND) Distinction June, 1982
8. GCE „O‟ and „A „Level. Oct/Nov1979/1982/90
9. First School Leaving Certificate Dec. 1969

(a) Member, Admission Committee

(b) Chairman, University Time-Table Committee 2021-date

(c)  100 Level Adviser      2020-2021 Department of Mathematical and Computing Science

(d) Member, University Time-Table Committee  2020-2021 

(e) Member, JUPEB Committee  2020-2021

Dr. Folaranmi, Oluwasegun Rotimi Aransiola

Dr. Rotimi Oluwasegun FOLARANMI, an experienced and a seasoned Teacher and Lecturer, has been teaching for about two decades. His educational background includes B.Sc. (Ed.) in Mathematics, M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics with Numerical Analysis as his area of specialization all from the University of Ilorin.

He is a member of many reputable professional bodies amongst which are; Nigerian Mathematical Society (NMS), Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN), Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) and a certified member of Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Dr. Folaranmi’s working experience span to various areas; Subject teacher, an administrative manager and a seasoned lecturer. For more than one decade, he served as a teacher of Mathematics and Further Mathematics preparing learners for varying national and international examinations  such as West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Cambridge A Level, and O level, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). He held various positions of responsibility such as being the Head of Department and member of Admission committee of reputable institutions. He was a former lecturer at KolaDaisi University, Ibadan.

Dr. Folaranmi has over twelve publications in both National and International Reputable Journals. He has also attended and presented papers in different conferences across the nation.

He is a passionate researcher and teacher who develops keen interest in building future leaders through effective teaching, result oriented publications and moral development. His areas of research interest is the development of Numerical integration schemes for solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations with wide scope of application in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture to mention but a few.

Currently, Dr. Folaranmi is a Lecturer I in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Sciences, Thomas Adewumi University, Oko, Kwara state. He is married and blessed with children.




International Journals

  1. Ayoade, A.A., Latunde,T. andFolaranmi R.O. (2021): “Comparative analysis of transmissibility and case fatality ratio of sars, mers and covid-19 via a mathematical modeling approach. Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, e-ISSN: 1112-9867. www.jfas.info, 13(3), 1262 – 1274.
  2. Ayoade, A., Folaranmi, R.&Latunde, T. (2020): Mathematical Analysis of the Implication of the proposed rise in the retirement age on the Unemployment situation in Nigeria. Athens Journal of Sciences, 7(1), 29-42. Published by Natural                          and FormalSciences Division of Athens, Institute for Education and Research

      (ATINER), Greece.  https://doi.org/10.30958/ajs.7-1-3

 3. Folaranmi, R.O., Adeniyi, R.B. and Adeyefa, E.O. (2016): “An Orthogonal Based Block Method for the solution of ODEsPacific Journal of Science and Technology, 17(2):73-86

  1. Adeyefa, E.O., Folaranmi, R.O. and Adebisi, A.F. (2014): “A Self-Starting First Order Initial Value Problems Solver” International Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences and Technology, 25(1): 8-13.

National Journals

  1. Folaranmi, R.O., Adeniyi, R.B. and Adeyefa, E.O., (2019): “A Chebyshev collocation block method for solution of third order Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations’’. ABACUS, (Mathematics Science Series), 46(1):1-11
  2. Adeyefa, E.O., Adeniyi, R.B. and Folaranmi, R.O., (2017): “Direct Integration of Third Order Initial Value Problems Using New Recursive Orthogonal Polynomial as Basis Function.ABACUS, (Mathematics Science Series), 44(2):208-214
  3. Adeniyi, R.B., Alabi, M.O. and Folaranmi, R.O. (2008): “A Chebyshev-collocation approach for a continuous formulation of hybrid methods for initial value problems in ordinary differential equation “Journal of The Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 12(1): 369-378
  4. Adeyefa, E.O., Adeniyi, R.B., Folaranmi, R.O. and Udoye, A.M. (2016): “Orthogonal-Based Sixth Order Algorithm as Initial Value Solver”. FUW Trends In Science $ Technology Journal, e-ISSN: 2408-5162. www.ftstjournal.com, 1(2), 352 – 359.
  5. Adeyefa, E.O., Akinola, L.S., Folaranmi, R.O. and Owolabi, Y.T. (2016): “Orthogonal-Based Second Order Hybrid Initial Value Problem Solver”. Fountain Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 5(2): 12-17. www.fountainjournals.com.

National Edited Conference Proceedings

  1. Ayoade, A.A. Folaranmi, R.O.& Ibrahim, M.O. (2019). Analysis of an Epidemic Model with consideration of the effect of treatment. The 2nd Annual International Conference of the Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS 2019), 13-22. Ibafo.
  1. 11. Folaranmi, R.O., Adeniyi, R.B. and Adeyefa, E.O. (2016): “A Chebyshev collocation block method for solution of third order Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations”. The Proceeding of Mathematical Association of Nigeria.

12.       Adeyefa, E.O., Adeniyi, R.B., Folaranmi, R.O., Odafi, N.O. and Udoye, A.M. (2016):           “Orthogonal Based one-step Algorithm”. The Proceeding of Mathematical Association of Nigeria

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