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Data Science

Machine Learning

API Development

Web Development

Graphics Design


Android App Development

Software Development

IOS App Development


Nelson Micheal

Frontend Engineer

Frontend Web Development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Ayodeji Bolaji

Web Software Engineer

Anatomy of the Web and Version Control (Git/GitHub)

Azeez Abdulsamad

Data Scientist/ML Engineer

Data Science and Machine Learning (Python)

Tijani Ahmed

Mobile Engineer

Android and iOS Mobile Development (Flutter)

Okikijesu Elewude

Backend Software Engineer

Backend Web and API Development (Nodejs/Expressjs/PostgreSQL)

Project Idea

TAU Student Todo List Application

– Data Analysis/Viz and ML Model Project
– Database
– Web Application
– Mobile Application

Details about the Program

Date: 4th – 5th November 2022 (Friday and Saturday).

Location: Thomas Adewumi University, Kwara State.
Time: 10:00 AM Daily.

Duration: 01hr:30mins for each workshop session (3 workshops/day).

RSVP: Open to all tech enthusiasts.

BootCamp Goals

The focus of this two-day BootCamp is to equip tech driven persons with solid technical and soft skills while building them up to have successful careers in software engineering by introducing them to several software engineering concepts and practices through live workshop sessions, virtual talks, and AMA sessions.

About TAU 2022 BootCamp

The TAU 2022 Bootcamp is to cover the end-to-end processes involved in building a real-world CRUD software application in a collaborative approach. First, the students will be introduced to the anatomy of the web and version control for code collaborating, tracking, and management. Next, they will learn how the backend of web applications is built and will build an API for the Bootcamp project using JavaScript, Nodejs, Expressjs, and PostgreSQL. Next, they will learn how the frontend of web applications is built, and will build the web application for the Bootcamp project using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the previously created API. Next, they will learn how mobile applications (Android and iOS) are built and will build a mobile application for the Bootcamp project using Flutter and the previously created API. We will also introduce them to the fundamentals of the Python programming language, how to get started with Data Science, and how to develop basic machine learning models with Python.

Due to the limited time, all workshop sessions will be introductory based, but the goal is that the students are inspired and get some practical knowledge. Afterward, we will share FREE resources they can use to learn personally and advance the acquired knowledge. The goal of the multiple track workshops is to give them an overview of different fields and allow them to develop an interest in any while expanding their knowledge into that chosen field after the Bootcamp. They can then apply all they’ve learned to their existing academic courses.

Watchout for:

  • Career opportunities in tech
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective debugging
  • Asking questions effectively
  • Processing feedback
  • Building a developer portfolio
  • Software engineering career ladders
  • Et cetera